Saturday, November 7, 2015

How to Frost a Layered Cake With No Mess :)

Parchment Paper
Fristung Spatula
Serrated Knife

Step1 - Let each of your layers cool to room temperature, then using a serrated knife cut off the domed part of one of layers to make a flat surface.
Step 2 - Take two sections of parchment paper and line your cake plate making the seam in the center. Set the first layer (the one with the top cut off to make a flat surface) and frost the top (repeat this step as often as needed if you have more than two layers to your cake).
Step 3 - Place the top layer on and frost starting with the top then finishing with the sides.  Your last step will be to remove the parchment paper sections, this will leave your cake plate clean and impressive!

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